La Dauphinelle is located in Montreal and primarily accompanies women and children who are victims of domestic violence. La Dauphinelle addresses both the causes and consequences of domestic violence and has a three-fold mission:

1 ★ Protection

2 ★ Prevention

3 ★ Solidarity

We offer comprehensive services ranging from emergency housing, safe transitional housing and post-housing follow-up. We also support people who are not housed in shelters through our helpline and referral services, as well as through our external and consultation services. We are committed to awareness and prevention of domestic abuse through workshops offered to organizations and businesses.

“He was never there, not for any of the pregnancies, not for any of the births. He never considered the family we had created. It was as if I was the only one who wanted a family. He was irresponsible and controlling. He was always right, and I was always wrong.”

“Out of my love for this man, I gave up my freedom, my energy, my strength. I sacrificed so much, only to finally understand that my love was not reciprocated. I spent far too many years being hurt by my ex-partner’s behavior. He broke my heart into a thousand pieces. He kept me from my children and blamed me, even though I was the victim. It made me so angry. I lost sleep, my lifestyle, the job of my dreams, even my home.”

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