drawingTheir names are Nathalie, Noura, Sophie, Myriam, Haïcha and Olga.
They speak French, English, Romanian and Mandarin.
They are 18, 46 or 67 years old.
They came to La Dauphinelle alone or with their children: 5-year-old David, 1-month-old Chloé and 17-year-old John.

Since we serve more than 300 people every year, we hear and share a host of stories every year. Here are just a few examples:

” I thought I was alone and was very fearful of what the future had in store. Thanks to La Dauphinelle, I was able to go to school and learn French. My kids are happy now. One day, I too will help women like the staff at La Dauphinelle helped me.”Anonymous

“I’d like to first thank the team at La Dauphinelle: they were wonderful throughout my stay there. I believe this centre was highly beneficial for me. I would like to suggest, however, that the hours for sleep be extended. Thank you so much!” – David, aged 14, son of Nathalie

“My husband said that if we returned to Morocco with him, he would stop yelling and getting angry with the kids. We went, and he didn’t stop. It took me two years to get back to Quebec. Now I know there are resources out there and that you have to seek help. Whatever you do, don’t stay alone.”Haïcha

“Thanks for helping me in my relationship with my daughter. I resolved the situation with my husband and found a place to live. Thanks for supporting me and allaying my fears.” – Anna

“I lost my home and ended up at La Dauphinelle, because my social worker told me about it. It’s not easy to lose everything, but I believe I will now be able to find a place to live that I can afford and better manage my budget.”– Myriam

“It was my son who called the police one night, to save me from my husband, who was about to beat me. This is how I ended up with him at La Dauphinelle. Although it was not immediately obvious, our stay with at La Dauphinelle had a deep impact on us and helped my sons make informed decisions and choose the freedom I had been teaching them without really understanding it myself. Yes, there is hope for getting out, for no longer looking to others to try to figure out what’s wrong with you, seeing actions for what they are and how they are intended. A love where constraints and demands are omnipresent, and where peace and comfort are short-lived is no love at all. I wish there was a stronger word than ‘thanks’ to express my gratitude to you, because once the cycle of violence is broken, we choose life, and that’s marvellous!”Sophie

“Thank you for everything. I’ll always remember you and love you more than words can express.”Noémie, aged 16