maison-maman-dosLa Dauphinelle is located in Montreal, where it has a well-maintained and secure building that can accommodate up to 24 women (including two spots for single women) and children at the same time, for stays of up to eight weeks. We also have a number of apartments for longer stays of up to six months.

In addition to bedrooms and apartments, our facilities provide residents and their children with well-equipped common areas that are inviting and relaxing. These include a living room, recreation room, a spacious kitchen, a laundry room and a lovely private yard set up for mothers and their kids. The administrative offices, including those of our caseworkers, are also an integral part of the house.

To make life more interesting for the children staying at the home and provide their mothers with a little respite, we regularly offer fun educational activities as well as weekend outings.

A note about our address and contact information: for the safety of the women who stay with us and that of our staff, it is obviously essential that we not disclose La Dauphinelle’s address. For this reason, we do not publish it anywhere on our site nor in any publicly accessible document.

La Dauphinelle can accommodate you alone or with your children.