La Dauphinelle, a non-profit organization, was established in 1982 out of a desire by a small group of people to meet a flagrant need to provide resources to women who are victims of abuse, with or without children, in the Montreal region.

Its mission is to provide a safe haven for women who are victims of spousal or familial abuse, and those who are struggling, as well as for their children. We also provide professional psychosocial support so they can regain control over their lives, stand on their own two feet and realize their full potential.

In 2006, La Dauphinelle sheltered 66 women and 72 children, and turned away many others for lack of space. It was decided to move the shelter to meet the needs of more women and children by increasing its capacity. Today, more than 130 women and 180 children are taken in every year. Our mission has five components:

  • histoire-maison-interieurshelter;
  • meals;
  • safety;
  • psychological support;
  • social integration strategies.

La Dauphinelle’s approach is based on giving women affected by conjugal violence or who are struggling to regain their lost independence. Loss of autonomy has a direct bearing on self-confidence and, naturally, on the ability succeed in life.

The home has room for 24 and can provide stays of up to eight weeks. The rooms can be adapted to the size of the family and can accommodate children up to age 18.

Our actions are based on the values and principles of respect, safety, confidentiality, transparency, genuineness, autonomy, professional ethics, freedom, equality, wellness and knowledge.

“Thank you for everything. I’ll never forget you and love you more than words can express.” – Noémie, age 16