As La Dauphinelle approaches its 35th anniversary, it is especially important to engage with the community.

Every year, La Dauphinelle appeals to the generosity of its donors to contribute to the shelter’s operations or to specific projects for women and children who use the shelter.

Hundreds of women, with or without children, come to La Dauphinelle every year. In 2015, one of them was Myriam, aged 34 and mother of five.

“I thought I was alone and was very fearful of what the future had in store. Thanks to La Dauphinelle, I was able to go to school and learn French. My kids are happy now. One day, I too will help women like the staff at La Dauphinelle helped me.”

We have dozens of other stories to share. Stories of resilience and courage, each representing a turning point in the lives of women and children who unexpectedly found themselves facing terrible ordeals. When you donate, you play a part in La Dauphinelle’s important mission and become our partner.

Every donation counts. Contributions also support the efforts of our caseworkers, who are dedicated to improving the lives of others.

campagne-annuelle-dessinOur caseworkers, who are the heart and soul of La Dauphinelle, are extraordinarily committed. Their dedication is vital to helping vulnerable women get their lives back on track. Homelessness, social housing and mental health issues, for example, are of concern across the Island of Montreal and should be the focus of coordinated regional actions.

However, only 15 of our 24 spots receive stable funding and government support. Since 2008, we have made several representations to the Agence de la Santé et des services sociaux de Montréal and the Ministry to impress upon them the importance of recognizing this new reality. Montreal currently faces a shortage of housing resources for women with children. We regularly have to turn down requests for lack of space The number of women with children who are facing housing instability or periodic invisible homelessness is hidden or grossly underestimated. We must continue our efforts with the authorities and seek your support, because we cannot pursue our mission without the community’s backing.

We therefore invite you to partner with our campaign, because we all have the POWER to change the face of our society. Your support will have a significant impact. Click here to make a donation.

This effort is aimed at raising La Dauphinelle’s profile and developing the services and programs it offers to women and children.

Our fundraising campaign is appealing to all donors—corporations, foundations and individuals—to support La Dauphinelle, which benefits Quebec society as a whole. With support from people who care, we are confident we will reach our goal. When you support La Dauphinelle, collectively or individually, regardless of the size of your donation, you are directly helping women and children struggling with difficulties.

So join us and contribute to the success of La Dauphinelle’s fundraising initiatives.

We thank you in advance for your support.