La Dauphinelle’s team consists of outstanding employees and volunteers who are sensitive to the needs of women who have been victims of violence or who are struggling. Our professionals are passionate about what they do. Energetic and sincere, they listen attentively to our residents and their children. They are people you can count on.

  • sabrina-lemeltierExecutive Director: Sabrina Lemeltier
    Sabrina Lemeltier has been general manager of La Dauphinelle since 2006. A graduate in social work and administration, she has worked during her career with children, adolescents, street youth and child psychiatry. The whole of his professional career is motivated by his search to meet the needs starting from the person while accompanying him towards an improvement of his living conditions. Soon after her arrival at La Dauphinelle, Sabrina did all she could to meet the growing demand for accommodation for women with children. This resulted in the relocation of the Shelter in 2010 to double the capacity of emergency accommodation and to create medium-term apartment accommodation. His motivation remains the same from the beginning; Or to offer an unconditional welcome to mothers with children who find themselves in great difficulty.

Permanent staff:

  • Executive director;
  • Psychosocial professionals;
  • Educator;
  • Shelter coordinator;
  • Night staff;
  • Director of financial and philanthropic development;
  • Administrative assistant;
  • Accountant;
  • Cook.

Casual staff:

  • Interns
    (criminology, social work, special education, psycho-education; delinquency response and other related fields);
  • Contractual
    (interpreters, communications and PR specialists, professionals from a variety of other fields);
  • Volunteers
    (day to day and during various activities).

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