Our external follow-up services are a medium- and long-term complement to our Contact-Elles helpline. A team supports women in their community to reduce the risk of feminicides and to assist them in civil or criminal legal proceedings. This is a voluntary service where an action plan is implemented based on the woman’s needs.

Examples of situations for which we offer external support:

  • A woman wants to leave her abusive partner and needs advice
  • A woman experiences post-separation harassment
  • A brother worried about his sister
  • A neighbor who witnessed domestic violence
  • An employer concerned about a staff member
I felt abandoned by everyone, except these workers. I am happy to be able to say that, for me, La Dauphinelle is not only a shelter, but a place where one can survive and relearn how to live with dignity, a nest nurturing my rebirth into freedom.
Despite my ex-spouse’s repeated convictions and imprisonments for serious physical violence between 2014 and 2017, despite violations of probation, criminal harassment, assault and bodily harm, I am the one who is accused of parental alienation by my ex-husband, even if my daughter complains about having to see her father.